Monday, September 17, 2012

Potatoes Like Human

Read more about potatoes joke Here. Have you see umbrella for DOG ?

Some people never seem motivated to participate, but are content to watch others...

They are called "Speck Tators". 

Some are always looking to cause problems and really get under your skin...
They are called "Aggie Tators". 

There are those who are always saying they will, but somehow, they never get around to doing...
We call them "Hezzie Tators". 

Some folks spent a lot of time sitting and peering into their garden...
They are called "Medi Tators". 

There are those that try to maximize their crop yields while reducing expenses...
We call them "Compu Tators". 

Credit To : Mother earth, Randommization, Tommyballard,Joke4us

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