Saturday, June 30, 2012

Funny Moment in Euro Cup 2012 Football

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 A great footballer was tragically killed and arriving at heaven’s gates, he came face-to-face with the angel on duty.

“Is there any reason why you shouldn’t be allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven?”asked the angel.

“Well,” said the footballer, “there was one time when I cheated in a major international football game.”

“I see,” said the angel, “tell me about it.”

“Well,” said the footballer, “I was playing for Wales against France and I used my hand to push the ball past a French defender. The referee didn’t see it and I went on to score.”

“And what was the final score?” asked the angel.

“That was the only goal,” said the footballer, “We won one-nil.”

“Well, that’s not too serious. I think we can let you in,” said the angel.

“Oh terrific!” exclaimed the footballer, “It’s been on my mind for years. Thanks a lot, St: Peter.”

“That’s OK,” said the angel, ushering the footballer in, “and by the way, it’s St. .Peter’s day off today, I’m St. David.”

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