Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Black Eyes

The Adult Only Joke Book (Humour)LIQUOR UP FRONT, POKER IN THE REAR: A Book of Adult HumorHilarious Jokes! ~ A Collection of Jokes for Adults Only ~ With Active Table of Contents ATOC

Black EyesA man came to work on Monday morning with two black eyes. His boss asked what happened.
Adult Joke BookThe man replied, “On Sunday, I was sitting behind a big woman at church. 

When we stood up to sing hymns, I noticed that her dress was caught in her butt crack, so I was trying to be nice and I pulled it out for her. Then, she turned around and punched me in the eye.”

The boss asked, “Okay, so where did you get the other shiner?”
“Well,” the man said, “I figured she didn’t want it out, so I pushed it back in.”

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